Interested in selling a business... get in touch

Lakey are Channel Island based brokers with local experience and knowledge. We know the difficulties and pitfalls involved in selling a business. We understand the need for confidentiality.

Please be assured that all information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence. Before we embark on the sales process, we look to understand fully your business model and your precise requirements. We value your business based on strategic and financial drivers, with the aim of maximising the value of your business. We market the business proactively and confidentially, using a combination of targeted marketing, media advertising, website exposure, our mailing list and our extensive UK and CI network.

• Our Expertise – Business Brokerage and Valuing is all that we do

• We prepare a very professional Information Memorandum

• We have a database of buyers interested in buying all types of businesses

• We qualify our buyers – we make sure that they fit your business and have the funds to complete a transaction

• We use Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements for all enquiries

• Using our agency enables us to create competitive tension between buyer and seller and we keep the buyer at arm’s length

• We use our expertise to close the deal

• We can assist in the production of Procedure and Training Manuals as well as formalised Marketing plans outlining where your business can be taken

• We prepare an accurate valuation of your business

• We prepare an information pack for your business.