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It provides a service for customers wanting to keep their vehicles looking fabulous or get them ready for sale. They cater for all types of vehicles, from Minis to caravans, offering a range of services from a standard clean inside and out, to shampoo treatments, machine polishing, soft-tops and hand-wax. Not only is this good for the proper upkeep of the vehicle but it also can help to maintain the value of the car.

Both on-site and mobile services are offered by the trained staff, with a huge database of regular customers. The premises are in a good location, and the business is fully stocked with specialised vehicles, cleaning equipment and materials.

The business is under experienced management, so would suit either an investor or an owner-manager. The track record and profitability are impressive with clear plans further or expansion.

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Contact: Eric Smart

Phone: 07797 939 662


  • Listing ID: 1639
  • Status: For Sale
  • Location: Jersey