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About Us

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With over three decades of experience, Lakey Offshore established itself as the market leader in assisting owners across numerous business sectors to achieve profitable exits, and facilitating entrepreneurial buyers in entering the world of business ownership.  


In those 30-plus years, Lakey Offshore has attracted high-quality, high-net-worth sellers and buyers, and developed strategies for successfully negotiating and closing deals.  Our success is based on our long reach within local, national and international markets, and our ability to create enduring professional relationships.


Our Consultants have extensive industry knowledge and experience, and with their specialist skills in deal negotiation and closure, and a comprehensive range of advisory, consultancy and ancillary services, they ensure that the Lakey Offshore team stands unrivalled in their field.


In February 2023 Lakey Offshore acquired The Business Shop which leaves Lakey Offshore as the only regulated business brokerage firm in the Channel Islands.

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