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Are you interested in buying a business?




At Lakey Offshore we have an extensive catalogue of successful and high-profile turn-key business for sale in Jersey and Guernsey, and we can help you become the business owner you are yearning to be.


If you are wondering what the advantages are of buying a business, rather than starting one from scratch, an existing business:


  • is a known entity - it has brand identity

  • has customers and clients

  • has experienced employees

  • already has premises with furniture, fixtures & equipment

  • has policies, procedures, suppliers, financial data etc

  • and – it is already making money

According to research by Fundsquire, 20% of small businesses fail in their first year.   No matter how much research, time and money you invest in starting a new business, it is almost impossible to eliminate the risk of failure.  In buying an existing business, someone else has already taken that risk.   You can enter your chosen field at a level it could have taken you years to achieve, and reap the rewards of someone else’s “blood, sweat and tears”.


If you would like to register your interest in buying a business, or perhaps to just talk to one of our experienced Business Consultants, in strictest confidence of course, please email us in the first instance at

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