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The Team

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Eric J Smart


Eric is a Jersey born resident who spent most of his career in the UK.

He qualified as a Chartered Secretary and Chartered Certified Accountant and, to gain a broader business base, he took Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

He has held senior roles in both private and public companies ranging from food distribution to oil drilling and international recruitment. This included international travel and responsibilities.  Eric started his own business from scratch and built a software business that employed up to 100 staff.   This was sold to his main US competitor 10 years ago when he decided to relocate back to Jersey where he bought a few businesses.   He also financed a new software start-up business in the UK which is managed for him by a team who worked for him previously.

+44 7797 939662

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Sarah Fraser

Senior Business Consultant

Sarah is a Senior Consultant at Lakey Offshore.   Born in London and educated in Jersey, she has a wealth of business experience and contacts.


Following a managerial role with a high profile international law firm, Sarah launched her own property management business.   She developed that business into a client portfolio of £75 million before exiting and utilising her entrepreneurial talent to create a well-known hospitality venue.


Sarah excels in the areas of business development, creative marketing and business negotiations.    

+44 7797 758541

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