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Are you interested in selling your business?  Get in touch with us...

If you are not sure where to begin when it comes to selling your business, you are not alone. The process can be complex, confusing, and even intimidating.    Whilst everyone knows the old mantra of “business is business”, selling your business is a very personal process, something you might only do once in your life, and rarely is it “just business”.  It can be an emotional process and you should be guided through this with not only expertise and professionalism, but also compassion and the understanding that this could be an extremely stressful time.   People sell their business for myriad reasons and one should not assume it is just an opportunity to sail off into the sunset.   

So, why do you need Lakey Offshore?

Lakey Offshore has over 30 years’ experience in selling businesses in the Channel Islands.   In entrusting your business sale to us, we are able to access buyers and create the exit strategy you are seeking.

We can assist you in preparing your business for sale.  It is vital that your business is presented in the best possible light to prospective buyers in order to maximise your opportunity and achieve your optimum sale price, with the minimum personal involvement by you.

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